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Improv for Writers: Moving a Story Forward

Learn the improv exercises practiced by the world’s best improv artists. The exercises will be accessible, easily transferable, simple, and often obvious; the premise is that by embracing these principles, your writing will never be blocked again. You will learn…

Course Type: 1 Day  |   Instructor: Matt Smith

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Start Date: 1/25/2015 – 1:00 PM
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Master Class in Poetry

The aim of this poetry workshop will be to help the students, regardless of age or previous experience, work toward writing the best poems they can write. The instructor will offer examples from poetry of the past and present and…

Course Type: 10 Week  |   Instructor: David Wagoner

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Start Date: 1/25/2015 – 10:00 AM
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Advanced Fiction Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to make everyone a better writer. We’ll do this through thoughtful discussion of one another’s works-in-progress—identifying where it sings, where its heart is, and how to get it to where it needs to go….

Course Type: 10 Week  |   Instructor: Joan Leegant

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Start Date: 1/26/2015 – 7:00 PM
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Story Story Story: A Novel-Writing Workshop

Novels must grab the readers in the first ten pages. But how? Each day will start with a talk on story and then we’ll dive into workshopping the first ten pages of your novel. This class is for students working…

Course Type: 1 Week  |   Instructor: Maria Semple

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Start Date: 1/27/2015 – 9:30 AM
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Seeing it Through: Finishing Your Novel

This class will provide a push for the novel draft that’s been hovering on your desktop, waiting to be finished. On day one, we’ll examine techniques for writing strong endings and strengthening the overall manuscript. On day two, we’ll turn…

Course Type: 2 Day  |   Instructor: Megan Kruse

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Start Date: 1/31/2015 – 1:00 PM
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Feeling It: Creating Emotional Depth in Fiction

Emotion is the point of connection between reader and story—the portal into a character’s life and a whole imagined universe. Yet sometimes we fumble our role as gatekeepers, either creating flat, inaccessible characters or pitching headlong into melodrama. How and…

Course Type: 1 Day  |   Instructor: Alma García

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Start Date: 2/1/2015 – 1:00 PM
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Come Closer: Getting the Reader Inside Your Story

Want your reader to come closer to your book, to feel like he or she is in the middle of the story? Want readers to know what it felt like to be you? We’ll examine what it takes to bring…

Course Type: 6 Week  |   Instructor: Tara Hardy

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Start Date: 2/2/2015 – 5:00 PM

Poetry and the Senses

This course will travel as far as your senses can take you. Through writing exercises, you will generate a new poem each week guided by your ears, nose, eyes, taste buds, and skin, as well as exploration of the mysterious…

Course Type: 6 Week  |   Instructor: Janie Miller

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Start Date: 2/2/2015 – 7:00 PM

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