Getting into Hugo House (with our broken door)

As you might have heard, Hugo House had a not-so-happy New Year’s Eve 2021 when our front door was damaged by a driver that crashed into it. We hoped to have the issue fixed quickly and began planning in-person classes and events for spring. Unfortunately, we have not been so lucky. With supply chain issues, contractors being in high demand, and specialty construction requirements, we have not been able to fix our door quite yet.

You may be asking yourself, “Hugo House, how on earth do I get into the building for my very exciting upcoming class/event that you are hosting?” Great question!

Accessing Hugo House

Just south of our regular doors (which are boarded up) on 11th ave, you’ll find a side door staffed by one of your favorite Hugo House Community Support team members. They will get you checked in and direct you to the proper place within the building for your Hugo House experience.

If you arrive and there isn’t someone at the door, there should be information posted on that door directing you on how to access your class/event.

If you arrive and there isn’t someone at the door and there are no directions posted on the door, please call our Community Support team at 206.322.7030, and one of our staff members will help you out as quickly as possible.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we work through this unforeseen (and not very fun) facility issue. If you would like to help us fund the replacement doors, please do not hesitate to make a donation today.