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Interview: Alan Sincic on the Intersection of Theater and Fiction

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Author, actor, and teacher Alan Sincic, The Furnace artist-in-residence and winner of Big Fiction’s 2014 Knickerbocker Prize, will be teaching a performance workshop at Scribes, Hugo House’s teen writing camp, on August 12. He’ll be performing “Sugar,” a new short story, at Hollow Earth Radio on August…

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Micro-Lesson | Jane Wong on Crafting Line Breaks

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1. An example of what we will be reading: We will read a multitude of different line-break styles from poets such as Jack Spicer, Brenda Shaughnessy, Susan Howe, Richard Hugo, Hannah Sanghee Park, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and more. Take a look…

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Micro-Lesson | Waverly Fitzgerald and Annie Pearson on DIY Publishing

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Beginning with the first class of DIY Publishing, we will encourage writers to introduce their books with the prompt “Tell us who you are and what you book is about.” With each session, this introduction will become more natural and…

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Micro-Lesson | Creating (Un)likable Characters with Michael Shilling

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Hi writers! This is a little taste of what we’ll be doing in my summer class, Creating (Un)likable Characters, which runs Wednesdays, July 8-August 12, at the really likable time of 5-7. First, an example of a story we’ll discuss….

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Micro-Lesson | Conscious Revision with Bill Carty

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This Micro-Lesson is provided in anticipation of Carty’s upcoming class, Conscious Revision, which begins on Monday. Register now. Micro-Lesson: “An Octopus of Ice” Description For this lesson, we’ll aim to revise a poem through the use of digression. We’ll look…

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Gordon Lish’s Brand of “Fairness” in Fiction | A Micro-Lesson by Jeff Bender

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I first heard the term fairness in a workshop with Amy Hempel at Columbia. She got it from her teacher, Gordon Lish. In a Vanity Fair article that Hempel wrote about Lish, called “Captain Fiction,” Hempel catches Lish saying, “Don’t…

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Class Preview: “When Memory Doesn’t Serve”

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“In the end, the work I always come back to, the work that seems best remembered and draws the strongest reactions, is the work in which the ‘outside world’ forms a vital partnership with that I narrator.” – Meaghan Daum Sure,…

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Haiku for Hire

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Calling all poets! A local communications and design firm, Vox Auxilio, is in need of themed haiku for a client project. Specifically, they need a collection of haikus that are suitable for occasions like a wedding engagement or new job or…

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An Exclusive Interview with Meg Wolitzer

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In two weeks, fiction writer Meg Wolitzer will take to the Hugo House stage to read her commissioned piece for Lit Series on the theme “One Hour.” Here, she answers some questions about the piece and her writing life in…

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Lisa C. Taylor wins the New Works Competition

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Congratulations to Lisa C. Taylor, who won the Hugo House New Works Competition 2015 and will read alongside Meg Wolitzer, Justin Torres, and Amelia Gray at our May 29 Literary Series. Hugo House writer-in-residence and final judge Joan Leegant had…

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Dispatches No. 13: Joan Leegant on Reading for Writing

Posted Thu, 4/30/2015 - 2:06pm by  |  Category:

Reading When You Write by Joan Leegant I was having dinner with a novelist friend when the talk got around to what we like to read when we’re working on long projects. What fiction writers read—or don’t read—while writing their…

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Micro-Lesson | Narrative Time with Michael Shilling

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Narrative Time: Balancing Pace and Plot I. READING It was one of those midsummer Sundays when everyone sits around saying, “I drank too much last night.” You might have heard it whispered by the parishioners leaving church, heard it from…

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Micro-Lesson | The Chekhovian Story with Anca Szilagyi

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The Chekhovian Story I. READING “Everything that has no direct relation to the story must be ruthlessly thrown out. If you write in the first chapter that a rifle hangs on the wall it must without fail fire in the…

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Dispatches No. 12: Kary Wayson Writes to Beginning Poets

Posted Wed, 4/01/2015 - 2:55pm by  |  Category:

A Blog for Beginning Poets (after Rilke) by Kary Wayson As a sort of surprised mentor to many beginning poetry writers, I find I repeatedly field a recurring set of questions and difficulties from the beginning poet, questions and difficulties…

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Dispatches No. 11: Joan Leegant on Unlikable Characters

Posted Wed, 3/25/2015 - 2:03pm by  |  Category:

The Approval Factor: Must We Like A Story’s Characters? by Joan Leegant A writer revising a first novel recently confided to me that a friend had read her draft and complained that she couldn’t relate to the not-so-nice maternal protagonist….

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