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The Writer’s Welcome Kit

Want to be a writer? Don’t waste time. The Writer’s Welcome Kit aims to save you 100 hours of work and worry as you go from wanting to be a writer to working to be a writer. It’s the first e-course…

Course Type: 6 Sessions  |   Instructor: The Writer's Welcome Kit

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The Writer's Welcome Kit

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Personal Coaching for the Writer’s Welcome Kit

If you need accountability and guidance while completing your Writer’s Welcome Kit and committing to the writing life, our coaching level class is for you. You’ll start with a 15-minute discussion of your goals with a professional writer, send in…

Course Type: 6 Sessions

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Writing Affinities: The Impelled Second-Person Story

Introductory | Reginald McKnight proposes a story told by a particular person to a particular person—at a particular time, for a particular reason. In this workshop, we will generate a story that smuggles a secret from your life into a…

Course Type: 1 Session  |   Instructor: Kim Stafford

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Start Date: 04/20/2018 – 9:00 AM

Kim Stafford

Kim Stafford is the author of a dozen books of poetry and prose, including Early Morning: Remembering My Father, William Stafford (Graywolf Press). He teaches writing and cultural inquiry at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

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Writing as the Next Career

Introductory | Many people come to writing after careers in other fields or lifetimes of non-writing-related experience. This class is designed to help you understand the commitment necessary to become a successful writer, and navigate the very different culture and…

Course Type: 2 Sessions  |   Instructor: Joe Ponepinto

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Start Date: 04/21/2018 – 1:00 PM
2 seats available

Joe Ponepinto

Joe Ponepinto is the publisher and fiction editor of Tahoma Literary Review, a nationally-recognized literary journal, and teaches fiction writing at Tacoma Community College. His novel, Mr. Neutron, will be published by 7.13 Books in spring 2018. His stories and criticism have been published in dozens of journals in the U.S. and abroad.

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Wrestling with Time in Memoir

All Levels | Where, exactly, are you telling your story from? Since literary memoirs are more circular than sequential, more intuitive than logical, time can trip us up. Reflection, however, (the memoirist’s magic wand) creates a vantage point—not only where…

Course Type: 2 Sessions  |   Instructor: Christine Hemp

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Start Date: 04/21/2018 – 10:00 AM

Christine Hemp

Christine Hemp has aired her work on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition and has performed in theater, music, and with her writing. Her literary awards include a Harvard University Conway Award for Teaching Writing, a Washington State Artist Trust Fellowship for Literature, an Iowa Review Award for Literary Nonfiction, and a Washington State Artist Trust Fellowship for literature. Her collection of poems That Fall was published in 2011. She teaches nonfiction and poetry at the University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival.

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Nature and Adventure Writing

All Levels | A journalist once asked George Mallory, “Why do you climb?” He responded, “Because it’s there.” Many writers, too, have sought to explain why they climb, paddle, hike, ski, and engage in challenging and sometimes risky outdoor adventures….

Course Type: 1 Session  |   Instructor: Nicholas O'Connell

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Start Date: 04/22/2018 – 1:00 PM

Nicholas O'Connell

Nicholas O’Connell, M.F.A, Ph.D., is the author of The Storms of Denali (University of Alaska Press, 2012), On Sacred Ground: The Spirit of Place in Pacific Northwest Literature (University of Washington Press, 2003), At the Field’s End: Interviews with 22 Pacific Northwest Writers (University of Washington Press Press, 1998), Contemporary Ecofiction (Charles Scribner’s, 1996) and Beyond Risk: Conversations with Climbers (Mountaineers, 1993). He has contributed to Newsweek, Gourmet, Saveur, Outside, GO, National Geographic Adventure, Condé Nast Traveler, Food & Wine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Sierra, The Wine Spectator, Commonweal, Image and many other places. He is the publisher/editor of The Writer’s Workshop Review and the founder of the online and Seattle-based writing program,

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Urban Pastoral: The City Poem

Intermediate | American poetry has a rich history of articulating the truth of our cities. We might call this tradition urban pastoral, in contrast to English pastoral poetry, which idealizes rural life. By reframing the pastoral in an urban setting,…

Course Type: 8 Sessions  |   Instructor: Erich Schweikher

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Start Date: 04/24/2018 – 5:00 PM

Erich Schweikher

Erich Schweikher recently returned to Seattle after seven years of teaching and writing in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the co-founder and editor of the annual poetry/poetics journal Northside Review. (He finds that it is often more enjoyable to publish others’ work than write his own.) His poems and essays have appeared in Hawai’i Pacific Review, Action Yes, and 42opus, among others. Born and raised in Arizona, he has always had a fondness for the sea. He still dreams of being a tugboat captain.

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Exploring Hopkin’s Sprung Rhythm

All Levels | We will discuss, try out, and take off from the revolutionary poetics of Gerard Manley Hopkins. We’ll define and then practice Hopkins’ sprung rhythm, the flexible, accentual meters he pioneered by digging into the roots of English….

Course Type: 2 Sessions  |   Instructor: Deborah Woodard and Elizabeth J Colen

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Start Date: 04/28/2018 – 1:00 PM

Deborah Woodard and Elizabeth J Colen

Deborah Woodard's first full-length collection, Plato's Bad Horse, appeared in 2006 (Bear Star Press). Her new collection, Borrowed Tales, was recently published by Stockport Flats.

Elizabeth J. Colen is most recently the author of What Weaponry, a novel in prose poems. Other books include poetry collections Money for Sunsets (2011 finalist for the Audre Lorde Prize in Poetry and the Lambda Literary Award) and Waiting Up for the End of the World: Conspiracies, flash fiction collection Dear Mother Monster, Dear Daughter Mistake, long poem / lyric essay hybrid The Green Condition, fiction collaboration Your Sick, and the forthcoming fiction collaboration True Ash. Nonfiction editor at Tupelo Press and freelance editor/manuscript consultant, she teaches at Western Washington University.

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Healing and Empowerment through Poetry

The dates for this class have been updated from the print catalog. Introductory/Intermediate | This course will explore how writers, particularly those who have been historically underrepresented, have used poetry for healing and rebuilding a sense of empowerment. After discussing…

Course Type: 8 Sessions  |   Instructor: Sarah Thaller

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Start Date: 04/28/2018 – 10:00 AM

Sarah Thaller

Sarah Thaller has a PhD in literature and has taught writing, literature, and comics for nearly a decade. Her critical work appears in Study and Scrutiny: Research in YA Literature, Critical Comics: Teaching Comics Through Multiple Lenses, Graphic Novels for Children and Young Adults, and Diasporic Consciousness. She worked as a reviewer for several publications including The Sacramento Bee, The California Aggie, and Bang! Magazine. She has published several short stories and a novel. Originally from San Diego, Sarah has worked her way up the coast, gathering stories, experiences, and inspiration.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that writing demands exposure, practice, experimentation, and a true willingness to be vulnerable and open-hearted. To grow as a writer, one must be willing to read and listen to other work and allow oneself to be inspired and challenged. I continually reinforce that there is no such thing as a perfect writer, but continued practice and daring to experiment with new mediums/methodologies/styles will allow each of us to grow in unique ways. To share our writing with other people is to allow them a glimpse into our personal truth. I am sensitive to the vulnerability of this experience and am careful to establish a climate of honesty, compassion, and support. Through sharing our work and allowing ourselves to be open to critique and suggestion, students grow tremendously. This is dependent on my own ability to foster a safe environment and also to position myself as a scholar of writing rather than an expert. We share the journey.

Authors I Return to: As a literature scholar, finding new authors is a source of great pleasure for me. But, there are definitely some writers for whom my love will never waver. These include, but are not limited to: Neil Gaiman, Kurt Vonnegut, Louise Erdrich, June Jordan, Allen Ginsberg, Roald Dahl, and Adrienne Rich.

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Introduction to Scrivener for Mac

This class has been updated from the print catalog. This class is for Mac Users. Introductory | Writers swear by it. Macworld calls it “the biggest software tool for writers since the word processor.” No matter your genre, Scrivener can…

Course Type: 1 Session  |   Instructor: Anna Vodicka

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Start Date: 04/28/2018 – 1:00 PM

Anna Vodicka

Anna Vodicka's essays have appeared in AFAR, Brevity, Guernica, Harvard Review, Longreads, McSweeneys' Internet Tendency, Paste, and Best Women's Travel Writing 2017. She has had residency fellowships to Vermont Studio Center and Hedgebrook.

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Unleashing the Healing Power of Personal Narrative

All Levels | In this hands-on narrative-writing workshop, New York Times-bestselling author Ingrid Ricks draws on lessons learned from writing her story and working one-on-one with more than a thousand students to help you unleash the power of personal narrative—and…

Course Type: 1 Session  |   Instructor: Ingrid Ricks

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Start Date: 04/28/2018 – 10:00 AM

Ingrid Ricks

Ingrid Ricks is an author, speaker and founder of Write It Out Loud, a program that fosters healing and empowerment through narrative writing. Her memoirs include the New York Times bestseller Hippie Boy and Focus, a memoir about her journey with the blinding eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. Her essays and stories have appeared on Salon and NPR. She lives in Ballard with her husband and two daughters. For more information, visit her website or her program website.

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Spring Clean Your Manuscript

All Levels | Using your words as the raw material, we will apply a Marie Kondo method to reorganize and declutter your writing. Learn practical editing and revision strategies that maintain the creative spark and capture joy on the page….

Course Type: 1 Session  |   Instructor: Diana Xin

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Start Date: 04/29/2018 – 1:00 PM

Diana Xin

Diana Xin holds an MFA from the University of Montana. Her fiction has appeared in Gulf Coast, Narrative, Alaska Quarterly Review, and elsewhere. Most recently, she was named winner of Third Coast Magazine's 2017 fiction contest. She is a contributing editor to Moss Lit and a 2015 recipient of the Made at Hugo House fellowship.

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Poetry I

Whether a beginning poet or lover of the art, this class will introduce you to the beauty and complexity of writing and reading poetry, as well as the basics of the workshop model. We will look to image, metaphor, sound,…

Course Type: 6 Sessions  |   Instructor: Jamaica Baldwin

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Start Date: 04/30/2018 – 5:00 PM

Jamaica Baldwin

Jamaica Baldwin’s poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Rattle, Spiral Orb, Jack Straw Anthology, Third Coast Review, Hayden’s Ferry, Prairie Schooner and the Seattle Review of Books where she was the March 2017 poet in residence. Jamaica has received nominations for Pushcart and Sundress Best of Net and is the recipient of a Hedgebrook residency. She received her MFA from Pacific University Oregon and was a 2017 Jack Straw Writer’s Fellow. She lives in Seattle, WA where she teaches and is currently working on her first book.

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Follow the Thread

Intermediate/Advanced | Develop work along a through-line or theme in this generative workshop aimed at getting you closer to manuscript creation. Students should come with a selection of work to tie together and a theme to develop through further writing….

Course Type: 6 Sessions  |   Instructor: Amber Flame

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Start Date: 05/03/2018 – 5:00 PM

Amber Flame

Amber Flame is a writer, composer, and performer whose work has garnered residencies with Hedgebrook, The Watering Hole, Vermont Studio Center, and YEFE NOF. Flame’s original work has been published in diverse arenas, including Def Jam Poetry, Winter Tangerine, The Dialogist, Split This Rock, Black Heart Magazine, Sundress Publications, FreezeRay, Redivider Journal, and more. A 2016 Pushcart Prize nominee, Jack Straw Writer, and recipient of the CityArtist grant from Seattle’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Amber Flame’s first full-length poetry collection, Ordinary Cruelty, was recently published through Write Bloody Press. Amber Flame is a queer Black single mama just one magic trick away from growing her unicorn horn.

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Flash Fiction Workshop

All Levels | This workshop will focus on stories under 1,000 words, and discussion will favor objective analysis and interpretation over criticism. Depending on class size, each student will submit 1-2 flash fictions for discussion. We will also bring in…

Course Type: 6 Sessions  |   Instructor: John Englehardt

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Start Date: 05/03/2018 – 5:00 PM

John Englehardt

John Englehardt is a fiction writer, editor at Pacifica Literary Review, and a former Made at Hugo House fellow. He won the 2014 Wabash prize in fiction, the Conium Review's 2014 Flash Fiction Contest, and The Stranger's A&P story contest, judged by Sherman Alexie and Rebecca Brown. He holds an MFA from University of Arkansas, and his writing has appeared in Sycamore Review, The Stranger, Seattle Review of Books, and The James Franco Review.

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