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Book Launch: The World Is All That Does Befall Us by Thomas Walton

June 20 at 6:30 PM

Please join us in the Salon for the launch of Thomas Walton‘s new book, The World Is All That Does Befall Us (Ravenna Press, 2019), and a celebration of grief and Gertrude Stein. Readers include Thomas Walton, Amaranth Borsuk, John Burgess, and Nadine Antoinette Maestas. Ivory Smith will perform musical interpretations of Stein’s masterpiece Tender Buttons.

About the Book

The World Is All That Does Befall Us is a book of mourning unlike any other. It is an extraordinary attempt to write about loss while resisting the sentimentality so common in memoirs about grief today. It weaves together various voices: the tender and the hostile, the sacred and the scatological, the solemn and the hysterical, the definitive and the confused. The book plays these discordant elements against each other in an almost alchemical attempt to achieve the impossible: the end of grief, once and for all.