Four Questions for Lit Series Writer Kary Wayson

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Q: What’s been your experience so far writing on the theme “People Will Talk”?
A: My experience of writing on the theme “people will talk” has been one of struggle and confusion (my usual experience with writing projects, whether assigned or self-imposed). Struggle, because it’s difficult to find the form for the words; and confusion, in this case, because I was torn between talking about people talking or making those people actually talk.

Q: Has a rumor ever been spread about you? If so, what did you do about it?
A: Yes, I’m sure, and/but the rumor was usually true. for the most part, I’ve turned my back so that people could talk behind it.

Q: 3. How do you approach writing a new piece — whether self-started or based on a prompt?
A: I always write in response to other people’s work: something someone else said or did makes me want to do that too! and i’m always so grateful. In the case of this lit series assignment, I was writing in response to David Ferry’s great poem “Narcissus,” though that poem and my response to it don’t show up overtly in the work.

Q: Tell us why you think people should attend the Lit Series.
A: The HH Lit Series gives us the rare chance to watch artists/writers working live on a high wire — each one trying out new work which wouldn’t have been made without the assignment given — each one starting from the same place and then ending up who knows where. Kind of just like the experience of being a person, but in a concentrated serving.

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