Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Reading

  • Term: Fall 2022
  • Start Date: September 27, 2022
  • End Date: November 15, 2022
  • Day of Week: Tuesday
  • Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Level: Open to all levels
  • Audience: Adult
  • Location: In Person
  • Availability: Yes
  • Public Price: $395.00
  • Member Price: $355.50

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Let’s Read! The Methuen Drama Book of Trans Plays

Methuen Drama Book of Trans Plays is a first-of-its-kind anthology to offer eight plays by trans playwrights to center trans characters. Each week we will tackle a script and dive into the state of trans theatre and trans plays. Each play offers a different perspective of the trans identity. A copy of Methuen Drama Book of Trans Plays is needed for the course, please email the teacher j.chavez if you need financial assistance obtaining a copy.

Registration dates:

August 22: Scholarship Donation Day (Learn more.)

August 23: Member registration opens

August 30: General registration opens

Jay Chavez

Jay Chavez


j.chavez (they/them) is a Seattle based playwright, educator, and all around theatre maker. Through the power of Red Bulls they earned a BA in Theatre from Western Washington University, concentrating in Directing, Dramatic Writing, and Education. They are the founder and artistic director of Haus of Hazard Theatre Productions which does free theatre in the PNW. They were crowned the unofficial title of Lil’ Miss Kennedy Center for their play “how to clean your room (and remember all your trauma)” which was awarded The KCACTF National Undergraduate Playwriting Award 2020 and the David Mark Cohen National Award in 2021. “how to clean” is featured in the Methuen Drama Book of Trans Plays, a first of it’s kind anthology of Trans plays written by Trans playwrights for Trans people. It’s been over two decades and Jay is still chasing the knowledge of how wind works. They are a teaching artist at Seattle Children’s Theatre. When they aren’t working, they love to drink coffee, write bad adaptations of classic plays, and cooking delicious meals their mother describes as “too spicy”. They are excited to teach with Hugo House.