A Record-Breaking Day for Classes

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During member registration yesterday, we discovered something amazing: we had 210 registrations in two days, which is more than TRIPLE the number we had last year at this time (63). We’re so thrilled to have so many new writers and members join the Hugo family, and to see regular students come back again and again to improve their writing under the tutelage of our teaching artists.

So thrilled, in fact, that we could only express our emotions in celebratory gifs:

Angela Wilhite from the front desk started us off with manic clapping:


Finance & Evaluation guy Richard Chiem’s happiness is like a galloping horse:


Kristen Steenbeeke in marketing can only express herself via Mad Men characters:


Christine Texeira in admin and events says, “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.”



Front desker Devyn Patmore is Liz Lemon:


Laura Scott wants you to write neverending stories:


movie animated GIF

Laura Shoemaker in development doesn’t know how to send a moving gif, but she’s still excited:


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  1. Christine Thu, 2/12/2015 - 4:01pm  |  

    Love this!

  2. Josh Cunningham Thu, 2/12/2015 - 9:33pm  |  

    I’m a little late to the party but congratulations! Let’s do it again this quarter!