College Essay Consultants

College Essay Consultant

Hugo House’s College Essay Consultants provide High School students one-on-one coaching and guidance for their college essay applications. Whether a student is just beginning or preparing their final draft, these one-on-one sessions are designed to meet the needs of each student at any point in the essay writing process.

For a student just beginning, the consultant will meet with the student for an hour-long session and help them identify unique and meaningful personal stories. They will provide them the space and guidance to tell those stories in their own authentic voice.

For a student who has completed a draft and is looking for another set of eyes to read over their personal essay before submitting, the consultants will evaluate their draft for content, style, language structure, and grammar. The consultant and the student will communicate drafts and editorial comments via email until both are confident the essay is a genuine reflection of the student as a person and as a writer.

Through this process, students will find their unique voice, acquire the confidence in their skills to use it, and complete their college essay.

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Please contact youth@hugohouse.org to schedule a meeting.

Price: $100 per hour

No consultation is confirmed until payment is received.

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