About The Lit Series

Beginning in October 2007, the Hugo Literary Series consists of five events per season, with each event featuring three writers at various stages of their careers and a songwriter or band, all commissioned to create new writing and songs from a theme and writing prompt cooked up by Hugo House’s staff.

The nights are collages of unexpected styles and different points of view, and the writers and musicians are encouraged to work without a sense of obligation, censorship, or stylistic frame. No one at Hugo House sees or hears the work before it is read or sung at each event for the very first time.

At the Hugo Literary Series, you will see writers willing to take risks, to work without the safety net of editors, publishers, or reviewers affirming the work before they stand in front of an audience and read it aloud. They are writers who share the exhilaration of creating something new and sharing it with an audience before the work appears in a book, between the glossy covers of a magazine, or within the shrink wrap of a CD. Past Literary Series writers include Sherman Alexie, Dorothy Allison, Terrance Hayes, Pam Houston, and Sam Lipsyte.

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