What’s Scholarship Donation Day?

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Last quarter, we introduced Scholarship Donation Day as a way for folks to directly support scholarships at Hugo House, with the benefit of signing up for classes before Hugo House members and the general public. This program replaces the $500+ Donor Day, which allowed donors who made gifts of $500 or more during the year to sign up for classes a day before member registration opened.

Scholarship Donation Day is open to community members who donate $250 or more to Hugo House’s scholarship fund. Early signup benefits are just for the quarter, rather than the full year.

Why we made this change

The idea to create a Scholarship Donation Day came from Hugo House staff as we were reviewing some of our class registration policies. We realized that having a registration day specifically for $500+ donors wasn’t very equitable, and we decided that we wanted to use that early registration day to raise money specifically for Hugo House’s scholarship fund.

In 2020, Hugo House awarded 106 scholarships totaling over $33,500 to writers in our community. While this made it possible for many folks to participate in our classes, it also didn’t cover the full amount of support requested by scholarship applicants. Introducing a Scholarship Donation Day gives us a way to bolster our scholarship program and increase the amount of funds available for students applying for scholarships at Hugo House. We hope that having time set aside each quarter to raise money just for scholarships will make it possible for us to say “yes” to more of the writers in our community who want to take classes at Hugo House and could use help paying for them.

Scholarships make a difference

Here’s what one of our recent scholarship recipients had to say about the impact receiving a scholarship has had on their work as a writer.

“I wanted to let you know that my class has been a really wonderful experience for me! I’ve learned so much and I’ve produced so much work. The art of combining storytelling with illustration feels so right to me. I wanted to make sure that you and the scholarship team know that I’m so happy I received the scholarship.”  – F.D. Scott

How to participate

Gifts for Scholarship Donation Day can be made via phone at any point during the year and are especially encouraged on that day. Registration benefits for donations received after the Scholarship Donation Day for a given quarter will apply for the following quarter. Call us at 206.322.7030 to donate $250 or more and register for the classes of your choice. Scholarship Donation Day for Fall 2021 will be Monday, August 9. 


If you have questions about Scholarship Donation Day, contact Nicole McCarthy, Interim Development Director, at nicole@hugohouse.org.