#WhereWeWrite: Angela Wilhite

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IMG_1300 (1)This beat-up, faded-blue jellybean sofa is prime real estate for a procrastinator like myself. Monday evenings starting at 6:00, you’ll find me in Gary scrambling to finish an assignment for Ramon Isao’s The Fiction Lab: Short Story Workshop. This couch serves as a cozy writing/nap spot to recharge for an evening of reading, workshopping, and keeping up with Ramon’s literary zingers.

Angela Wilhite grew up in San Diego, California, where she spent most of her childhood reading under a tree or in her room. After graduating from Chapman University with a BA in leadership and organization studies, she moved to Seattle where she’s worked as a food bank coordinator, barista, bookseller, and nanny for two adorable children. Angela first came to Hugo House for a reading and knew it was love at first sight. In her spare time, she writes short fiction and plays board games.