#WhereWeWrite: Desks, Gardens, and Welcome Distractions

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Do you have a special writing place or atmosphere? Use #WhereWeWrite and tag Hugo House on social media, and you might be featured in one of these blogs!

Also, where are you writing on May 7? Join us to write on the walls at Hugo House’s last party in the current space: Epilogue/Prologue: A Celebration of Hugo House.

Read on to find out where your fellow writers are scribbling away.

Erica Sternin writes in her garden with an artfully steaming mug.


Alex Leviton makes use of “creativity props (coloring books, flowers, Little People) for combinatorial play/work breaks, non-optional.”13041066_10154414635858676_8859897321652470696_o

Martha Silano says, “For fifteen years I had no room of my own. This past winter I ponied up for office space.”CgQ5TiFWEAE-H-R

Joanna Fuhrman also has a cozy little office space for writing.CgRIrV1WcAQr1lz

Kate Robinson has two writing spaces: the studio and the beach.CgQoq8zUMAEBnY0 CgR0g7bUMAELdn9