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machine-writing-1035292_960_720The window seat on the bus with your favorite pop album playing. A rocking chair in your basement under the quilt your aunt made. Lying on a yoga ball, stomach-down, on your laptop.

Writers have infinite places and ways of writing—things they surround themselves with, ideal temperatures, a certain flavor of tea. And it’s an intimate thing, to learn about another writer’s preferred atmosphere when they’re putting words to page. In our #WhereWeWrite series, you’ll be able to learn just that about local writers and visitors to Hugo House. Plus, contribute your own photos and vignettes about your writing spaces using the #WhereWeWrite hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, and we might share your post.

Check out the first example, by poet and Hugo instructor Jane Wong.

Where are you writing on May 7? We hope you’ll join us to write on the Hugo House walls (really!) at our going-away party, Epilogue/Prologue: A Celebration of Hugo House. RSVP here for a free beer or wine at the party.