#WhyHugo Campaign

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Our end-of-year campaign is for Hugo House. The donations go to us: to our events, our classes, our daily operations. 

But it’s really for you: the yous who take our classes, the yous who sit in the dark theater at our events, the yous who visit our writers-in-residence, the yous who speak on the phone with our staff about your writing, the yous who attend our youth summer camps. 

So we want to hear your stories about us: why you came here in the first place and why you keep coming. Why Hugo House is helpful to your writing life and why you would recommend us to other writers. Essentially: Why Hugo?

Please send us your stories: via email (kristens@hugohouse.org), via Twitter (#WhyHugo, @HugoHouse), via Facebook, via blimp. We want to hear them.