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Our courses cover a wide range of writing styles and experiences. Whether you’re struggling to write your first poem or have a few novels behind you, Hugo House classes will support and inspire you. Our classes are taught by published writers who are also stellar teachers. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. What we all have in common is a love of words. 

Class Catalogs

Summer 2023 classes open for registration on June 6 for members and June 13 for the general public.

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Explore the online catalog and register for all upcoming classes here:

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Class Information


Class Formats

Most Hugo House classes include one or more of the following formats:

  • Generative Writing: students create new work during class or from assignments
  • Workshop: students submit work for critique from the teacher and class
  • Craft Discussion: teachers and students explore essential elements of the craft
  • Reading: class engages in close study of one or more works

Class lengths vary, from three-hour generative writing sessions to yearlong manuscript critiques. We offer classes online, at our Capitol Hill location, and, occasionally, other partner venues around the city. New course offerings become available once a quarter.

We currently offer classes in-person and online. Be sure to check individual listings to confirm the location of the class.


Class Levels

Most classes at Hugo House are intended for writers with all levels of experience. If a class is intended for a specific level, it will be noted in the class description.

Introductory | For anyone new to writing or the writing workshop (critique) setting who wants to expand their knowledge of craft, or any writer exploring a new genre.

Intermediate | For writers with some experience in genre-specific instruction who want to deepen their understanding and hone their craft, often featuring a workshop component.

Advanced | For writers with significant experience in writing classes or workshops who are prepared to engage in comprehensive critiques and craft discussions.

All Levels | For any writer, at any level, regardless of prior writing class experience.

Classes are meant for adults unless otherwise marked or included on our Youth page. If you are a minor who would like to attend an adult class, please contact the registrar to receive a waiver to be signed by your parent or guardian certifying that you understand adult content could be discussed in this class.


Captions are available upon request for all online classes. Our aim is for Hugo House to be a barrier-free learning environment. If you have suggestions about how we can improve, we welcome your input. Contact us if you have access needs we can assist with.

Asynchronous Classes

Classes marked as “Online Asynchronous” can be completed on your own schedule, with no live meetings.

During an asynchronous class, instructors release new lessons once per week. Students then have one week to complete that lesson and any accompanying coursework. You’ll learn as much as you would in a traditional class but with the flexibility to work at the best times for your schedule!

While there are no live sessions, asynchronous classes are still a lively and rigorous experience. Async classes are not static lessons but an adaptable and energetic community space. Be ready to work in a collaborative environment, giving and receiving feedback on your writing, participating in discussions, and growing your writing practice in a way that works best for you.

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Pricing and Scholarships


Early Bird Pricing

Register early each quarter and save on classes! Members can bundle the membership discount with early bird pricing. Early bird pricing is available for the first two weeks of registration each quarter starting on Scholarship Donation Day and will automatically apply at checkout.

  • $10 off classes that are one to three sessions
  • $20 off classes that are four to eight sessions
  • $30 off classes that are ten sessions or more

See upcoming early bird pricing dates toward the bottom of this page.

Class Scholarships

To make our classes as accessible as possible, we offer scholarships. Students are eligible for up to two scholarships per year. Applications are reviewed by a staff committee. Applications close for each quarter the day before general registration opens.

See upcoming scholarship dates toward the bottom of this page.

Scholarship Donation Day

Help us make our classes accessible to all!

Scholarship Donation Day is the first day of the registration period. Anyone who donates $250* or more to our scholarship fund gets priority registration for our courses. Call us at 206.322.7030 on Scholarship Donation Day to sign up for the classes of your choosing.

See upcoming Scholarship Donation Day dates toward the bottom of this page.

*These donations must be marked for the scholarship fund and made between member registration of the previous quarter and Scholarship Donation Day each quarter.


Cancellations and Transfers

If you need to cancel your registration for a class, the following refund 
schedule applies:

  • 3 days or more before a class, a credit or transfer will be issued less a 5% fee. Refunds will be issued less a 10% fee.
  • Less than 3 business days before a class starts, no refund, credits, or transfers are available.
  • No refunds, credits, or transfers are available after classes begin.

Hugo House classes are not recorded; refunds and credits will not be given for missed sessions. If Hugo House has to cancel a class, you will receive a full refund. Tuition credit expires in two years. There are no cancellations, or transfers available for the Writer’s Welcome Kit.

Click here to see the Youth cancellation policy

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Contact the registrar for transfers

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Academic Calendar

Fall 2022

Jul. 25 | Catalog Posted Online/Scholarship Applications Open
Aug. 22 | Scholarship Donation Day (by phone only)
Aug. 23 | Member Registration
Aug. 29 | Scholarship Applications Due
Aug. 30 | General Registration
Sep. 5 | Scholarship Applicants Notified
Sep. 6 | Last day of Early Bird Pricing
Sep. 19–Dec. 16 | Fall quarter classes

Winter 2023

Oct. 31 | Catalog Posted Online/Scholarship Applications Open
Dec. 5 | Scholarship Donation Day (by phone only)
Dec. 6 | Member Registration
Dec. 12 | Scholarship Applications Due
Dec. 13 | General Registration
Dec. 15 | Scholarship Applicants Notified
Dec. 19 | Last day of Early Bird Pricing
Jan. 17–Mar. 24 | Winter quarter classes

Spring 2023

Feb. 6 | Catalog Posted Online/Scholarship Applications Open
Mar. 12 | Scholarship Donation Day (by phone only)
Mar. 13 | Member Registration
Mar. 20 | Scholarship Applications Due
Mar. 21 | General Registration
Mar. 24 | Scholarship Applicants Notified
Mar. 27 | Last day of Early Bird Pricing
Apr. 10–Jun. 17 | Spring quarter classes

Summer 2023

May. 1 | Catalog Posted Online/Scholarship Applications Open
Jun. 5 | Scholarship Applications Due
Jun. 5 | Scholarship Donation Day (by phone only)
Jun. 6 | Member Registration
Jun. 12 | Scholarship Applicants Notified
Jun. 13 | General Registration
Jun. 19 | Last Day of Early Bird Pricing
Jul. 3–Sep. 8 | Summer quarter classes