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Write Your Story: Writing to Heal

Tap into the healing power of personal narrative and write the emotionally-charged story you need to tell. You'll learn how to identify, structure, and bring your story to life through

Writing for Procrastinators

If you consider yourself a writer, proclaim to love writing, but don't "let" yourself write, this course is for you. Weekly writing and reading (Brenda Ueland, Liz Gilbert, Melissa Febos,

Establishing a Writing Practice

Many writers struggle to find time to write, to make satisfying forward progress on their writing, and to finish projects. In this course, we'll work to establish a writing practice

Decolonizing Nature Writing

Nature writing is often viewed as a Eurocentric practice, but it has roots throughout global majority cultures. In this class, we'll read nature-centered poetry, essays, and fiction by Black, Indigenous,

Truth or Fiction?: Writing Life Stories

Writing about real life can be tricky. You may not remember all the details—or, you may want to change information to protect people or make a story more interesting. But

Labors of Love: Writing with Silvia Federici

Each week we will discuss essays by Silvia Federici, concentrating on her books Revolution at Point Zero and Caliban and the Witch. We will then write through somatic prompts based on the concepts

Expressive Writing for Creativity, Serenity, & Joy

Expressive writing practices can be a highly effective tool for enhancing creativity and shifting our mood during challenging times. In this workshop, we'll engage with structured journaling techniques to clarify

Writing about Music

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture," the saying goes. But what's wrong with dancing about architecture? In this generative class, we'll use the work of writers like Rick