We have changed our scholarship application process to make it more accessible and allow more students to apply. Applications close May 24.

Hugo House wants anyone interested in writing to have access to the writing classes they desire.

Scholarship applications are read by a committee that considers financial need, interest in writing, and access to instruction in the past. We especially encourage applications from BIPOC, LGBTQ, and other underrepresented voices. 

We have recently changed our scholarship application process to make it more accessible and allow more students to apply. The new application should only take a few minutes to fill out.

Tuition assistance requests for Summer Quarter are open now through May 24. Interested applicants will be asked to choose one class from the Summer quarter for their application. Please apply here.

If you’re concerned about your class filling up, please apply as soon as possible. A place will be held in your requested course once your application is received. You will be notified of scholarship decisions on May 31, 2021

Book Lab is ineligible for scholarships. We grant one scholarship per student per quarter and up to two scholarships per student per year. Deferments are not permitted. Scholarship funds only cover tuition.

Fall scholarships will open July 12th and close August 16th.

For more information about the scholarship fund or if you’d like to sponsor a scholarship for a specific class, please email registrar@hugohouse.org or call (206) 322-7030. ​

Youth Scholarships: If you are a young writer interested in attending a youth workshop, you can apply for a scholarship here. If you would like to attend a Scribes summer camp, you can apply for a scholarship here.

A Note on Financial Need

One factor we consider is financial need. Below is the guide for household gross income at 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. We understand that flat income does not tell the whole story. If your income falls above these guidelines, you will still be considered for a scholarship based on our other guiding factors.

Household Size – Household Income

1 – $51,040 | 2 – $68,960 | 3 – $86,880 | 4 – $104,800 | 5 – $122,720 | 6 – $158,560 | 7 – $176,480

Free Programming

Did you know Hugo House offers lots of free programming?