Write-O-Rama is your chance to try out several workshops offered by Hugo House teachers all in one writing-packed day.

Sample Hugo House classes, meet our teachers, and try out genres and topics outside your purview without the pressure of registering for a full class.

Write-O-Rama happens twice a year—once in the summer and again in the winter.

The next Write-O-Rama is on Saturday, June 29, 2019. Click here to get your tickets today!

View the schedule here.


  • $60 gives you entry to Write-O-Rama and five workshops of your choice.
  • $100 gives you entry plus a discounted Hugo House membership, which is good for one year of early registration, class and event discounts, discounts at local bookstores, and other great benefits.

Tickets are on sale now!

Event Overview

Registration begins at 12 p.m. The first class begins at 1 p.m. There are four class choices per 50-minute session. Choose your favorite, head to the room in which it’s held, and the instructor will give a brief talk on the topic followed by a writing prompt or exercise. At the 50-minute mark, we’ll race through the halls ringing the Write-O-Rama bell, and you can head to your next class of choice.

Schedule, Classes & Teachers

Essay Experiment: Digression with Waverly Fitzgerald
Try out a digressive essay, an essay that rambles from subject to subject.

Submission Strategies with Waverly Fitzgerald
A piece of writing is unfinished until it finds its readers. How do you know when it’s ready to send out, where to send it and how to track your submissions? We’ll talk about strategies that work.

What’s Your Book Really About? with Jennifer Haupt
We’ll look at the driving question or idea you’re obsessed with in your project, and how to turn that into a premise statement that will guide you to the end.

Stuck in the Middle with Jennifer Haupt
We’ll explore one key structural component you can develop at the beginning of your book to avoid the mid-point slump. (It also works if you’re already stuck!)

Creating Urgent Scenes in Memoir with Christine Hemp
In 50 minutes (!), you will draft a new scene for your memoir-in-progress. Come learn how dramatizing a single moment can create a sense of urgency (even without dialogue).

Better Sentences with Eric McMillan
A brief primer on the music of prose—alliteration, assonance, internal rhythm—followed by exercises focused on finding the best sentences.

Finding Your Story: How to Write a Life with Susan Meyers
You’ve got a life story to tell, but how can you turn “history” into a “story”? What should you include? And what should you leave out? Come spend an hour digging into your life—and finding out!

Write Your Novel Now! with Susan Meyers
How do you start—and finish—a novel? Come generate ideas—and a plan! This session offers insights into hooking the reader and developing a plot, to shaping chapters and keeping the momentum—both yours and the story’s—to go the distance!

Dialogue Tricks with Peter Mountford
Practice some simple tricks for writing engaging, realistic dialogue that entertains readers.

Plotting with Index Cards with Paul Mullin
Using index cards and fairy tales, we’ll manipulate the basic building blocks of plotting to fully flesh out your story.

Write for Publication and Pay with Lora Shinn
An intro to the world of paid freelance writing, and how you can get started—even if you’re an absolute beginner.

Travel Writing Toolbox with Lora Shinn
Learn and practice some of the skills you need to be a successful travel writer or blogger.

Juggling Multiple POVs with Rachel Lynn Solomon
Learn how to distinguish the voices of your characters when you’re writing two or more POVs. Through examples and exercises, we’ll explore the strengths and begin to conquer the challenges of multiple POV!

Writing with Emotion with Rachel Lynn Solomon
We want to connect with a character so we can root for them, laugh with them, cry for them. We will focus on adding more emotion to your writing through interiority, dialogue, and narration.

Alarmed and Anxious . . . and Fighting Back! (The Rant) with Carolyne Wright
In the wake of all the lies, fake news and political chaos abroad in the land, we all are alarmed and anxious. How to respond? Fight back—write back! Write a piece that is a (controlled) emotional outburst, in your voice or in the voice of someone else.

Questions of Travel: Notebook Entries in Prose and Poetry with Carolyne Wright
Elizabeth Bishop was the consummate poet of travel, and yet she asked herself, “Is it lack of imagination that makes us come / to imagined places, not just stay at home?” We will read a few travel poems and notebook entries, and write about our own real and imagined places at home and away.