Jaimee Garbacik

Jaimee Garbacik (she/they) is a NYC-based developmental book editor with an agency background and fifteen years of experience helping authors turn early manuscript drafts into award-winning books. Jaimee has been privileged to edit for New York Times bestselling authors, Caldecott Honor and Emmy Award recipients, and some of the world’s foremost scientists. Before freelancing, she handled editorial development for a major New York literary agency, serving more than 200 clients worldwide.


They are also the author of Gender and Sexuality For Beginners (For Beginners), a widely taught critical examination of the sex-gender system and the evolution of gender roles, as well as the curator/editor of the celebrated Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology (Chin Music Press) and its traveling art exhibit.


Jaimee’s editorial mission is to enhance authors’ innate voices while never pummeling sentences for sport. For a partial list of authors Jaimee has worked with, visit their editorial site here. She specializes in literary fiction and YA, with considerable experience in LGBTQ writing, gender studies, and ethnography.