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Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Reading, Novel, Short Story, Essay

Layers of Landscape: Harnessing the Power of Place

Instructor: Joe Wilkins. From chain restaurants to cross-country travel, learn to harness the power of place, including its force on communities, in your writing.

Course Status: Full
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Level: Intermediate
Length: 1 session
Start: December 10, 2023 , 1:10pm PT
Format: Online
Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, The Writing Life, Memoir, Novel, Short Story, Essay, Writing for Performance

Writer’s Welcome Kit

This asynchronous course features online workbooks, including ten essential templates in Word and Excel to kickstart your writing life, and resources professional writers use to get published.

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Level: Open to all levels
Start: September 30, 2024 , 12:00am PT
Format: Online Asynchronous