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  • Date: February 26
  • Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm PT

AWP Offsite Event: Nelson Bentley Memorial and Poetry Extravaganza

On the eve of AWP (Wednesday, February 26, 4- 6 p.m.) an eclectic assortment of Nelson Bentley’s former students, friends, and admirers will convene to honor his memory. Professor Bentley taught at the University of Washington for 37 years without a sabbatical or summer break. He also presided over the Castalia reading series every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night. His indefatigable spirit touched the lives of all of his students, whether they became professional writers (as many did) or not. For 90 minutes, we will share poems and memories. There will be a planned program (and yes, it include Rod Crawford, UW Curator of Arachnids, performing his famous rendition of “The Spider and the Fly”) as well as an open mic if time permits. This is a free and democratic event. All are welcome!

Expected guests include Ed Harkness, Thomas Aslin, Patricia Clark, Frances McCue, Joannie Strageland, Marc Hudson, Marjorie Power, Daphne Davies, Gregory Dunne, Lawrence Matsuda, Rod Crawford, Ann Spiers, Joseph Marshall, Koon Woon, Kurt Danielson, Holly Merrill, James Lane, Sean Bentley, Mary Milam, Ann Pitkin, Frances McConnel, Crystal Culp. Susan Landgraf, Gladyx Cardiff, Kay Kinghammer, Larry West, Dorothea Kopta, Lydia Swartz, Kristin Young, Marjorie Power, Joseph E. Lerner, Bob McAllister, Phaye Poliakoff-Chen, Melinda Mueller, Elizabeth Colen, Therese Clear, Kathleen Atkins, Peter Mountford, Allen Braden, Sherry Rind, Anca Szilagyi, Brenda Banks, Susan Littlefield, Sallie Tierney, and others.