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Reading, Community Event

  • This event has passed.
  • Date: July 23
  • Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm PT
  • Location: Lapis Theater
    1634 11th Ave.

An Afternoon of Original One-Act Plays with Seattle One-Act Play Project & Baker Theater Workshop

Join the Seattle One-Act Play Project and Baker Theatre Workshop for a presentation of their first-ever commissioned new works, performed in a workshop with a panel of actors and writers drawn from the ACT Theatre and Hugo House communities.



A New Leaf by Esteban Ortiz-Villacorta

Ivan is on his third plant…or is it his fourth…probably his fifth? Ivan has had a few, yet, he can’t seem to keep any of them alive. A New Leaf explores modern loneliness through Ivan, a novice plant-keeper, with his sights fixed on saving his newest addition, Marigold, from the sad withered fate of his other plants. This one act play calls attention to the importance of community, self-love, and forgiveness as Ivan and Marigold attempt to heal one another. 


Moths in the Walls by Valentine Wulf

Ten years after her involvement in something she would rather forget, a former cheerleader receives a letter that sends her on an absurd journey down memory lane. Part Shakespearean tragedy and part absurdist ballet, Moths in the Walls is a bitter satire set to the sounds of ringing gunshots and thousands of wings flapping beneath the wallpaper.


The Bear in Seattle

An update on Anton Chekov’s classic one-act The Bear, this new rethinking of a theatrical staple brings the comic tale of debt, desire and real estate up to the moment in the Emerald City.



The mission of the Seattle One-Act Play Project (SOAP) and Baker Theatre Workshop is to support the creation and performance of new works of theatre in Seattle, with a special concern for involving low-income high-school students.


We aspire to identify and nurture new works of theatre in their early phases, and we perform with the goal of showing what’s possible and not what has been polished.


We hope the theatre works and theatre people to emerge from our workshop will move on to further development in the Seattle theatre community and beyond.


We choose our name with a bit of play, and a bit of seriousness. Baker and Soap mean several things for us. Our workshop is a bakery of a kind, helping new work rise and take form, and providing a warm and nourishing environment for young people and others to explore and develop their talents and direction.


Baker is also the name of Ella Baker, the most powerful behind-the-scenes leader of the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s, founder of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Ella Baker avoided taking credit for her accomplishments, was deeply focused on nurturing young leaders, and had little tolerance for discouragement and defeatism. She was always action-oriented and comfortable with risks of all sorts.


SOAP, of course, is the acronym for the Seattle One-Act Play program. Soap also washes off the grime of the world, the Weltschmertz, and refreshes and reveals the skin we live in.

Esteban Ortiz-Villacorta

Esteban Ortiz-Villacorta

Esteban Ortiz-Villacorta (he/him/his) is from Sammamish, WA and is studying Theatre and History at Northwestern University. When not on-stage, Esteban can be found writing and recording original music with his band not alone, catching up on cartoons, perusing vinyl shops, or just sitting outside under the sun.