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  • Date: August 31
  • Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm PT

Zines on Toast Tour

Zines on Toast Tour posterAlex Wrekk, author of the popular how-to guide of zine-making, “Stolen Sharpie Revolution,” visits Seattle with UK zine writers Isy Morgenmuffel (“Morgenmuffel”), Edd Baldry (“Hey Monkey Riot”), Steve Larder (“Rum Lad”) and Tom Fiction and Natalie of Last Hours magazine.

They will discuss UK zine culture and tell stories from Alex’s trip to the UK last year, plus tales of the London zine symposium, vegan mass catering, UK social centres, revolution, punk rock, anarchy and more!

$3-5 sliding scale. More info at

About the Writers

Alex Wrekk has been creating the zine “Brainscan,” which is in its 26th issue, since 1997. She is also the author of the DIY zine resource book “Stolen Sharpie Revolution.”Alex lives in Portland, Oregon in a century old home with her partner Paul where she enjoys vegan cooking, gardening, bicycle riding and drinking and brewing fine craft beer. Alex runs Small Wordd Buttons and makes custom buttons for people and projects. She volunteers her time with various self publishing related projects including the Independent Publishing Resource Center and is a long time organizer of the Portland Zine Symposium.

Isy Morgenmuffel has been making comic zines since 1997 from her home in Brighton, UK. Originally from South Korea and Germany, she has worked on various other zines, booklets and the Last Hours zine and web site, and co-authored the vegan cookbook, “Another Dinner is Possible.” She’s been involved in setting up the Cowley Club (a co-operative social centre in Brighton), the Anarchist Teapot mobile kitchen, prisoner support and anarchafeminist and many other projects.

Edd Baldry is a radical illustrator based in London, who draws under the moniker Hey Monkey Riot. He started writing punk zines in 2001, first with “Rancid News,” and more recently “Last Hours.” He has been active in London political organizing since 2002 focusing on social center projects and anti-war activities. He helped start the London Zine Symposium in 2005.

Steve Larder is an illustrator based in Nottingham. His zine, “Rum Lad,” is his primary output, which is generally filled with illustrations and musings of his peers and surroundings. He is a regular contributor to other publications such as “Last Hours,” “Subtext” and “Razorcake” as well as numerous other projects. He has played in various punk rock bands since he was 16 and currently makes a racket with Moloch who are embarking on a Summer ‘10 west coast US tour. He has an interest in documenting small town culture, (being from one himself), in an effort to preserve their idiosyncrasies and localisms.

Tom Fiction developed an interest in DIY, anarchist and punk culture in his mid-teens, played in several bands and wrote a handfull of zines. In 2007 he became involved with “Last Hours,” a group of anti-authoritarians, collectivly publishing several books and running as a resource for creative resistance.

Natalie is an anarcha-feminist from London. In 2003 she helped set up the Black Star Collective, which squatted empty buildings in London putting on radical events and punk more →shows. Since then she has been involved with zine projects, including starting the London Zine Symposium, and other political events.