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A Field Researcher’s Guide to Authoritative Storytelling [Kristen Millares Young]

We will learn to infuse narrative with lyric accuracy through careful study of the world around us. Guided by fiction and nonfiction authors who take deep dives into their subjects, we will produce new writing and workshop at least one piece from each participant. Readings will include Joan Didion, Karen Tei Yamashita, Richard Flanagan, Annie Dillard, and Eula Biss. Remember: research carries a story like water beneath a boat. Keep it moving to stay afloat.


Reading & Workshop Schedule

Week One: “Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream” by Joan Didion.

Week Two: I Hotel (excerpt) by Karen Tei Yamashita. Workshop begins.

Week Three: For the Time Being (excerpt) by Annie Dillard. Workshop 2.

Week Four: The Faraway Nearby (excerpt) by Rebecca Solnit. Workshop 3.

Week Five: On Immunity: An Innoculation (excerpt) by Eula Biss. Workshop 4.

Week Six: “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek” by John Branch. Workshop 5.

Week Seven: The Narrow Road to the Deep North (excerpt) by Richard Flanagan. Workshop 6.

Week Eight: Crave Radiance (excerpt) by Elizabeth Alexander. Workshop 7.

Week Nine: Read your own piece again with a fresh eye. Workshop 8.

Week Ten: Wrap-Up.