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Advanced Creative Nonfiction Workshop [Anne Liu Kellor]

Intermediate / Advanced | This class is for those who are looking for respectful, in-depth feedback on their essays- or memoirs-in-progress. Each week we will workshop two student pieces, freewrite from prompts, and explore craft issues inspired by student work and questions. We will also discuss revision strategies, submission tips, and effective ways to facilitate your own critique group. How do we learn to stay accountable to our goals? The inspiration to keep going so often is forged in community.

This class is appropriate for advanced OR intermediate writers. Ideally this means that you’ve done one or more of the following:

  • taken a few writing courses in CNF and/or in other genres
  • written for several years semi-regularly on your own or with writing groups
  • are practiced at offering feedback to others and revising your own work
  • can have something ready to submit potentially by week three
  • can commit to reading and responding to two to three essays a week, in addition to working on your own writing

More than anything, I care that you are committed to generating and revising your work. There will likely be a range of experience levels in the class regardless, and we all define ourselves differently (e.g. one person’s intermediate might be another’s advanced). But at very least, I hope that students who sign up have learned to call themselves writers (even if they have not published), and are committed to offering feedback to their peers.

Anne is happy to answer more questions if you have them! Just email