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Book Lab [Peter Mountford]

Payment plans available! Contact for more information.

This full year of mentorship is for students who have completed a Yearlong Manuscript course, or have a complete manuscript ready for extensive feedback. Students will be part of an intimate cohort of fellow writers that work together and one-on-one with a qualified and accomplished writing mentor to reach the final draft of their book. This program runs from September—August. Interested students can speak with Peter Mountford directly to ask questions —please contact

Book Lab includes:

Ten Week Class in Fall Quarter (Schedule Below)
This ten-week course will provide the opportunity for Book Lab participants to get know each other and their individual book projects. These ten weeks will address relevant topics and concerns surrounding student projects, and provide writing prompts and writing time. By the end of this first quarter students will have developed a detailed timeline for completing their manuscript through the following year.

Six Cohort Meetings
Students and mentor meet once per month following the ten week class to check in on manuscript completion/manuscript-edit completion timeline. Each meeting focuses on reviewing progress from one student in addition to general discussion.

Four One-Day Classes
You may register for one free one- or two-session class per quarter over four quarters. Exclusions apply for some visiting writers.

Second Reader
Students receive a full manuscript read by a second, outside reader.

One-on-One Meetings with Mentor
Each student receives four one-on-one meetings with mentor. One meeting follows a complete manuscript read by mentor.

Publishing Intensive
A full-day intensive publishing class on the book business and finding a market for your book in Spring Quarter. The class will feature guests, including literary agents, and other individuals from the publishing business.