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Online Class | Fiction III [Peter Mountford]

This online class focuses primarily on offering participants opportunities for advanced peer review — reading and responding to each others full short stories or novel excerpts, as well as shorter assignments. Writing workshop is not only a great way to build community and connections, but helps develop your editorial eye, so that you can read deeply, focusing on literary craft.

This class takes place through our partner Wet Ink, a platform for online creative writing classes, and participants do not need to be present at any specific time each week. Instead, a new lesson goes “live” once a week and you can respond to a combination of prompts, assigned readings, and discussions as your schedule allows. In addition to plenty of peer review, Fiction III — which builds on lessons from Fiction I and Fiction II (although those are not prerequisites) — offers advanced craft lessons, as well as videos, podcasts, and resources for publication and expanding your writing community.