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Twenty Poems in a Day [Geoffrey Nutter]

A Wallson Glass Poetry Seminar
Cosponsored by the Bagley Wright Lecture Series on Poetry

This generative poem-making session will consist of four hours of writing experiments. Our day’s work: to employ word lists, technical journals, films, field guides, tracts and herbal tomes to form strange and beautiful syntheses with our memories and dreams; to reorder our experience of living in the world of things and ideas as poets and human beings; and to try to write as much or more than we have ever written in a day. The transformation of the real and the making of speculative worlds, living in and through the imagination—these activities are especially crucial in dark times. This class is geared toward poets of all skill levels–published poets, casual poets, beginners, and all in between will gain from taking this class. Participants in the New York sessions have included published and prize-winning poets, MFA students and graduates, and beginning poets. If you feel like you ever struggled with “writer’s block”, this will give you tools to work with.