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Yearlong in Memoir [Theo Nestor]

CLASS UPDATE: This class will now be taking place online, on Zoom. This has been updated from the print catalog.

All Levels | We will explore numerous aspects of writing a memoir or a memoir-in-essays that has enduring value, including expanding your story to address questions you share with your audience and contracting it to the stunningly specific; generating material once you’ve clarified your story’s arc and themes; writing a scene, a chapter, a section; creating conflict, tension, and suspense; making your narrator a character; including and omitting decisions; finding the connective tissue that makes a book cohere; how to open a memoir; and how to end it. We will also examine topics particular to writing an essay collection: creating an essay that can both stand on its own as well as enhance a collection, creating moments of finality as well as momentum within a collection, ordering essays, and writing introductions and final essays. Class meetings will include check-ins, lecture, discussion, partner work, writing and structuring activities, and prompted writing times.

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