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Using Fabulism in Nonfiction & Memoir

All Levels | Fabulism is often the domain of fiction. Yet, fantastical descriptions can aid the reader’s imagination and extend metaphor for the sake of understanding. So why not use the fantastical in nonfiction? Particularly in memoir, where writers seek to make meaning of experiences rather than just delivering facts, getting otherworldly can be helpful. This workshop will explore examples of fabulism in nonfiction and discuss both the gifts and limitations of this technique. We’ll also write together, leaving you with multiple tools to prompt further explorations on your own.

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Instructor: Kimberly Dark

Class Type: 1 Session


Start Date: 02/07/2021

Days of the Week: Sunday

Time: 1:10 pm – 4:10 pm PST

Minimum Class Size: 5

Maximum Class Size: 20

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Kimberly Dark

Kimberly Dark is the author of Fat, Pretty and Soon to be Old, The Daddies and Love and Errors. Her essays, stories and poetry are widely published in academic and popular online publications alike.

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