José Luis Montero

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José Luis Montero is a technologist by trade and a bilingual writer by choice. Born and raised in México but having spent most of his adulthood in Seattle, his passion

Eric Magnuson

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Eric Magnuson moved to Seattle from his native Wisconsin in 1993 for grad school at the University of Washington. Eric previously received a BA in Journalism from the University of

Rebecca Mann

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Rebecca was born and raised in Wollongong, Australia by parents who immigrated from Malaysia and the United Kingdom, by way of New Zealand. She started her career as an attorney

Georgia S. McDade

Georgia Mcdade

Georgia S. McDade, PhD, is a retired English professor who spent most of her career teaching at Tacoma Community College but also taught at Seattle Community College, University of Washington,

Elise Holschuh

Elise Holschuh

Elise Holschuh built her career in general management and marketing, working in product management and marketing strategy for General Mills, US Communications, and Foote, Cone and Belding. Her nonprofit experience has

Greta Hotopp

Greta Hotopp

Greta Hotopp specializes in financial leadership through critical inflection points, including the UW School of Law, a civic software start-up, and a Microsoft-embedded tech group, helping clients with expertise in capital

Dottie Hall

Dottie Hall

Dottie Hall is an aspiring writer who has benefited from multiple Hugo House courses. With her husband JJ Leary, she has co-authored a cookbook, Cooking with Your Snooks, to share the joy

Lynn Grant

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Lynn is a developmental editor at Wiley Editorial Service, where she has wielded her red pen since 2002. She has an MA in Literature and an MFA in Writing. In

Daniel Glasser

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Daniel Glasser is a writer and satirist who has been an active member of Hugo House since 2015. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, his passion for writing has been

Tim Shea

Tim Shea

Tim Shea was born and raised in Montana and graduated from Montana State University as an accidental chemical engineer. Accidental because after six years and three colleges, chemical engineering fit