Meriça Whitehall

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Meriça Whitehall brings over 25 years of experience empowering teams; strengthening organizational operations; improving financial performance, planning infrastructure reinvestment, and planning and implementing long-term strategy. Meriça is an experienced nonprofit

Ariana Simpson

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Raised on the Southern Gothic, Ariana is an experimental poet and writer, wannabe zine queen, and intersectional activist. While not from the literal bayou the self-proclaimed “swamp baby” hails from

Caitlin Andrews


Caitlin is originally from a sleepy one-light town in Phoenix, Maryland. After working in Baltimore in both museum and library spaces, she followed her love for writing stories to Florida,

Ankober Yewondwossen


Ankober is an Ethiopian first-gen born and raised in Seattle. She grew up attending and participating in poetry readings at Hugo House. In her early and mid-twenties, she traveled the

Jesse González

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Jesse González is a poet from the great state of New Jersey. He holds an MFA from the University of Oregon and a BA from Cornell University. He was a

Frances Cheong

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Frances Cheong was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has studied and lived in Singapore, England, and various cities in the United States. She received her PhD in molecular

Alia Fukumoto

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Alia graduated with a BA in English and a minor in women and gender studies from Seattle University. She enjoys walks in the park, reading, and playing frisbee. Being a

Aubrey Unemori

Aubrey Unemori

Aubrey Unemori is a writer, editor, and aspiring coffee connoisseur. She holds a BA in English with creative writing emphasis from the University of Washington and is the co-author of

Jasmine Plaskon

Jasmine Lomax

Jasmine Plaskon is a recent MFA graduate of Spalding University who moved to Seattle a year ago and hasn’t looked back since. Invested in living her best #workingartist life, Jasmine

Amy Lin

Amy Lin

The library will always be Amy Lin‘s first and best love—sorry, lovers! She has over sixteen years’ experience in small business with a focus on solution innovation. Her work at Hugo