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Brand Resources

This page is a toolkit and resource guide for maintaining consistent and compelling brand representation across communications platforms associated with Hugo House.

Explore our color palettes and brand fonts, download our logo or promotional templates, and find questions to the most commonly asked marketing questions.

Hugo House Logos

Please review Hugo House’s logo usage guidelines here.

More file types coming soon!

Horizontal Logo

Preferred logo to be used in most cases.

Hugohouse Logo Horizontal Color Rgb

Download: PNG

Hugohouse Logo Horizontal Color Reverse Rgb

Download: PNG

Hugohouse Logo Horizontal Black (1)

Download: PNG

Hugohouse Logo Horizontal White

Download: PNG


Stacked Logo

Used when more appropriate based on spacing.

Hugohouse Logo Stacked Color Rgb

Download: PNG

Hugohouse Logo Stacked Color Reverse Rgb

Download: PNG

Hugohouse Logo Stacked Black (1)

Download: PNG

Hugohouse Logo Stacked White

Download: PNG


Icon Logo

Used primarily for social media or instances in which “Hugo House” is noted prominently elsewhere in the design.

Hugohouse Icon Color Rgb (2)

Download: PNG

Hugohouse Icon Color Reverse Rgb (1)

Download: PNG

Hugohouse Icon Black

Download: PNG

Hugohouse Icon White (1)

Download: PNG

Hugo House Colors

Primary Brand Colors

Brand Colors Red

Brand Colors Yellow

Brand Colors Grey
HEX #D5232C
RGB R213 B35 G44
CMYK C0 M84 Y79 K16
HEX #F6A700
RGB R246 G167 B0
CMYK C0 M32 Y100 K4
HEX #3E3934
RGB R62 G57 B52
CMYK C0 M8 Y16 K76

Secondary Brand Colors

Brand Color Salmon

Brand Color Yellow 2

Brand Color Teal
RGB R239 G126 B107
CMYK C0 M47 Y55 K6
RGB R255 G205 B108
CMYK C0 M20 Y58 K0
RGB R96 G165 B171
CMYK C44 M4 Y0 K33
PANTONE P 123-11 C

Hugo House Fonts

Primary Fonts

These are our traditional brand fonts, used on our website, printed catalog, and other official communications.
Adobe Garamond
Mundo Sans

Secondary Fonts

These fonts are used as alternatives, particularly for digital promotion and more casual communications.
Glacial Indifference
TT Chocolates

Class Promotional Templates

These templates are intended to be used by Hugo House instructors to help promote their classes on their personal platforms. The templates are built on Canva, a free design website, which is created to be easy to use and navigate.


  • Social media square (1080px x 1080px)
  • Social media square without headshot (1080px x 1080px) – Coming soon!
  • Social media square two instructors (1080px x 1080px) – Coming soon!
  • Printed Flyer (8.5in x 11in) – Coming soon!

Template Instructions

  • Sign up for an account on
  • Click the link above for the template you wish to use. In the window that opens, click the “Use Template” button toward the bottom of the page to create your own copy of the template.
  • On the template of your choice, double-click on each of the example texts and replace it with your class’ information. The details that need to be added are:
    1. Class title
    2. Instructor name
    3. Level (ex: All Levels, Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced)
    4. Format (ex: Online, In-Person, Online Asynchronous)
    5. Dates (ex: July 15–Aug. 15)
    6. Time (ex: 10 am–5 pm PT)
  • Upload your headshot by clicking the “Uploads” button on the left sidebar menu. To add your headshot to the template once uploaded, drag the image from the uploads menu to the rectangle with the illustrated hill and cloud. The image should automatically drop into that location.
  • Please feel free to edit the spacing of the class information to help the image be as legible as possible.
  • Do not edit the colors or placement of the Hugo House logo. These items are locked on the templates.
  • Once your design is completed, click the “Share” button in the upper right corner of the screen. From the dropdown menu, select “Download”.
  • In the download menu, select the appropriate file type and the page number you wish to download. Once all settings are correct, click the “Download” button at the bottom of that menu. Your file should automatically download at this time.
  • Happy promoting!

Class Marketing FAQ

What does Hugo House do to promote classes?

As a baseline, Hugo House promotes its classes through the following platforms:

  • Printed quarterly class listings mailed to ~4,500 households
  • Printed quarterly brochure and flyers at local businesses (such as Elliott Bay Book Company)
  • Digital catalog on the Hugo House website
  • Email marketing to an audience of ~28,000
  • Advertisements (print and digital)
  • Social media promotion for the overall quarter
  • Sharing of instructor’s social media posts (Tag us in your posts!)

Can I design my own marketing materials for my class?

We encourage instructors to utilize the templates we’ve provided, but we understand that they may not fit your purposes perfectly. Please feel free to design your own marketing materials with the following in mind:

  • Include the Hugo House logo somewhere in your marketing materials.
  • Incorporating Hugo House branding (colors and fonts) is strongly encouraged.
  • On your promotional materials, be sure to include necessary information that will be helpful for your audience to decide to engage. It’s important to answer the questions Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, How?, and, sometimes, How Much?
  • Consider the context in which your promotional materials will be seen and how that affects what information you need to provide on your materials. For example, if you’re posting on your social media accounts in which you typically promote your writing work, your audience will likely understand that you’re promoting a writing class. A flyer in a coffee shop will reach an audience without the same context clues, so you might consider adding more information to that flyer.

Questions? Reach out to us at