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  • Date: September 25
  • Time: 8:45pm - 10:00pm PT

5 Minutes in Heaven

Gird up your loins, my lovelies, because on Friday night, September 25, queer romance writers from across the country are coming (ahem) together to serve up the sauciest sauce that ever did sauce a plate, a bed, a shower, or that rickety hammock in the backyard that bravely attempted to meet your sex swing dreams. From the lava-hot erotic to the sweetly romantic—this is a night to celebrate the gaiety of boys and girls in love with other boys, girls, and those that happily proclaim “up yours” to the gender binary and transcend to new levels of love. Grab a glass of your favorite *cocktail* from the bar, pull up a chair, adjust what needs adjusting, and strap in to whatever (or whoever) has straps. It’s going to be a bumpy night!

Participating Authors include: Vicktor Alexander, Ralph Josiah Bardsley, Heidi Belleau, Austin Chant, Ethan Day, R.G. Emanuelle, Daisy Harris, Andi Marquette, Rick R. Reed, and Karelia Stetz-Waters, and MC-ed by local author Evan J. Peterson.

Presented by: Old Growth Northwest’s Gay Romance Northwest Initiative.