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  • Date: February 16
  • Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm PT

Bad Brother: Religion and Politics by Loren Niemi

Are there parallels between the circumstances of late ‘60’s and our current social and political divisions?

That question is one of the considerations that underpins “Bad Brother: Religion and Politics.” Using the trial of the Milwaukee 14 as a fulcrum, Loren explores what it means to live in an America choosing sides around issues of war and peace, race and civil rights, and generational shifts in values and culture.

Loren Niemi has a 40-year history of innovative storytelling to audiences of all ages in urban and rural settings. He has been a circus ringmaster, a humanities scholar in residence, and has appeared on stages of Fringe Festivals across the country. Recipient of the National Storytellers Network Lifetime Achievement Oracle Award in 2016, he has also authored several books including his latest, What Haunts Us, a collection of unconventional ghost stories. His web site is