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  • Date: June 8
  • Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm PT

Cephalopod Appreciation Society

cephGet ready to appreciate the octopus, squid, chambered nautilus, and cuttlefish through poetry, music, film, science, art, and more. Free, all ages, stickers.

Whether you are a long-time fan and CAS member or just curious to learn more about these incredible, intelligent creatures, we hope you will come celebrate them with us!

Check out this all-star line-up of presenters:


Amber Flame​
Kevin J Craft​
Carolyne Wright
* with featured reader Nicky Beer​, author of new poetry collection The Octopus Game


Ilvs Strauss “octopus walks into a bar—anthropomorphic projections in 3 part harmony”


* Biologist Stephanie Crofts – Fun Facts & Cephalopod Basics
* Geology Writer David B. Williams – Ammonites About Town: Getting up close and personal with 155-million-year-old cephalopods
* Zoologist Hariana Chilstrom – Giant Pacific Octopus Sex Ed Talk


* Renowned cellist Lori Goldston​ & drummer Dan Sasaki performing live accompaniment to cephalopod films
* YA novelist and musician Kevin Emerson​ performing an original cephalopod tune
* Singer-songwriter Levi Fuller performing Marianne Moore’s poem “The Paper Nautilus” as song
* Return of the Sea-Shantacular Sing-a-long with Betsey Brock​, Rachel Kessler​, & Friends


* Footage from Seattle’s own marine cinematographer, diver Laura James​
* Cepha-la-pod animation short by the Kessler-Seiweraths

* by artist Britta Johnson​