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  • Date: December 11
  • Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm PT

Community Forum for Racial Justice at Hugo House

In August of this year, Hugo House received a letter from members of our community expressing significant concerns about racism and racial inequities they’ve encountered at Hugo House. We are grateful to those who wrote and signed this letter urging us to dig deeper and try harder, and we are committed to addressing their concerns.

We have been in conversation with those who wrote the letter, and one of their requests was that we hold a forum to allow all writers from our community to express their experiences with racial inequity at Hugo House. We have hired Jodi-Ann Burey, an independent advocate for racial justice, to help collect actionable feedback from members of our community, especially from writers of color and those who signed the letter.

We are gathering feedback in two ways. First, we ask that you fill out the survey linked below to help us document the breadth and dimension of your experiences of racism at Hugo House. Secondly, we hope you will attend this community forum on December 11 from 5:30 to 7 pm to further the conversation. The “Tickets” link above will take you to the Zoom conversation.

For those of you who have experiences or perspectives to share, please take the time to participate. Building an equitable and just community at Hugo House is essential to both our mission and identity. Thank you for helping us do so.