At Hugo House, we believe in the power of the written word to inspire change. As a pillar in Seattle’s literary community for over 25 years, we’re also deeply committed to empowering individuals and organizations, both locally and nationally, to share the written word and to tell their own stories. One of the ways we do this is through our Partnership Program.

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About Our Partnerships

Hugo House offers three types of partnerships:


Programming Partnerships

A keystone to Hugo House’s Partnerships are classes, events, and other programs developed in collaboration with individuals, groups, and organizations from our community, and then produced in Hugo House’s space or elsewhere.

Programming Partnerships could look like:

  • Programs could include classes, workshops, and events taught by seasoned instructors to meet the needs of a specific community (e.g., writing for non-writers, writing for civic engagement, writing about nature; writing for non-English speakers)
  • Individualized community projects such as documenting oral narratives, podcast, editing or publishing an anthology, or offering teaching opportunities
  • Logistical, development, and design support for the production of a book or other form of printed material
  • Interorganizational professional development opportunities, such as workshops, courses, and teacher trainings on subjects including pedagogy; diversity, equity, and inclusion; grant writing; marketing; self-publishing, how to submit; and the writing life

Examples of Programming Partnerships:


Promotional Partnerships

Hugo House is investing in being part of our thriving literary arts community, and because of that, promotion of what’s happening within that community is integral to our Partnership Program. We want to tell our audience about what you’re doing!

Promotional Partnerships could look like:

  • Free, discounted, or in-kind promotion of your event or opportunity through email newsletters, published catalogs, or social media
  • Access to community cultural events calendar on Hugo House website and physical community bulletin board
  • Featured spotlight on our blog and signal boost for forthcoming publication or news
  • Free or discounted access to Hugo House classes, resources, or workshops
  • Complimentary access to Hugo House membership program
  • Free, discounted, or reciprocal tickets for Hugo House events, including signature series, publishing intensive, and Write-O-Rama
  • Co-sponsor or streaming partner for conference, event, or book festival

Facility Partnerships

Hugo House’s space offers so many opportunities for community events, meetings, and more. Rentals offer the opportunity for our space to be active while we’re not using it for internal programs.

Facility Partnerships could look like:

  • Theater space, stage, and classrooms for hosting events, lectures, readings, conferences, festivals, or community showcase
  • An event or series of events either to take place at Hugo House (including, but not limited to, readings, talks, lectures, panels, or multimodal presentations)
  • Opportunity to moderate or host visiting writer or speaker
  • Staff time to host events, including managing guests and checking tickets
  • Annual Partner Pick-Thru, with free or discounted rental of furniture and donation of books
  • Youth-centered programming, including a youth writing festival, field trip, a series of workshops, a reading or writing event for youth at Hugo House or off-site, or a collaborative summer program
  • Offer events in Spanish; cross-promote with Seattle Escribe
  • Ask for 1-2 bilingual translators to help facilitate use of space

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