Ingrid Ricks

Ingrid Ricks is an NYT-bestselling memoir author, book coach and inspirational speaker who is passionate about leveraging personal storytelling to foster healing, awareness, empathy and change.

Over the past decade, she has helped thousands students of every age find healing and empowerment by writing the deeply personal stories they needed to tell, and has produced eight anthologies in partnership with high schools and non-profits.

Ingrid, who views personal storytelling as the key to healing and unity in today’s divided world, regularly presents her Healing Through Personal Storytelling workshops and has delivered keynote talks on the subject to educators and social workers nationwide. Ingrid, who recently lost her vision to a rare blinding eye disease, also delivers keynote addresses to audiences ranging from college students to leaders in the business and government sectors on Harnessing Adversity and Rethinking the Disabilities Label.

Ingrid’s books include the coming-of-age memoir, Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story, and Focus, a memoir about her journey with the blinding eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. She has also ghostwritten several memoirs and has shared stories from her childhood on Salon and NPR.