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Review Your Own Novel Like a Developmental Editor (ASYNCHRONOUS) [Beth Jusino]

Intermediate | How clearly can you see your own work? In this series, you’ll learn how a professional developmental editor evaluates the “big picture” effectiveness of a novel—including plot, characterization, setting, pacing, and craft/style—and work through questions and exercises each week to apply that same perspective to your own work. We’ll explore ways to see your writing from a fresh perspective, common issues that trip up writers, and tips and tricks to help you tackle revisions.

Note: This is a class that will provide you with tools to review and evaluate your own work. The instructor will provide feedback on weekly assignments and will be available for specific questions, but will not be reading or critiquing your work directly.

If you’re looking for editorial notes, developmental editing, line edits, sensitivity reads, etc. you might schedule a consultation with one of our Writers in Residence or work one-on-one with an editor in our Coaching & Consultation program.

This class takes place online through our partners at Wet Ink, and sessions can be done at your own pace throughout the week.