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Something to Make Your Whole Heart Flip: Making Poems Out of Imaginary Outings

“A poem is a glimpse/a poem is a glimmer/something that makes your whole soul shimmer/a poem is a taste/a poem is a sip/something to make your whole heart flip,” writes Douglas Florian.  If you enjoy putting your head in the clouds, and writing about what you find there, this class is for you! Each class will begin with a guided visualization (a chance to rest your eyes and travel to exciting places), followed by time to write and share. We might study an object up close through a very powerful telescope in our minds or find calm by visualizing clouds or listening to a seashell’s message. We’ll take magic carpet rides or go inside a stone, concentrating on everything we see, hear, smell and feel. We’ll free write about each experience and read inspiring texts to help us shape our words into poems that surprise and delight us.


Scholarships are available by application. Questions? Please email

*Note – all classes are in Pacific Standard Time